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Our Council is organized into strategy areas: guiding themes of work, based on our mission, vision, and values, that inspire projects and initiatives. Our current strategy areas are

  1. A nourishing food environment,
  2. A thriving agricultural economy, and
  3. Equity for all.

Our Food Council is still in its growth and development stages: this page will be updated as additional project teams are formed within these strategy areas. Below, learn more about what we envision for our strategy areas, including current projects.

A Nourishing Food Environment

We anticipate the Nourishing Food Environment strategy area taking on projects related to education, awareness, and systems change in food and health.

Current Project Example: Farm to Pantry Project

The Farm to Pantry Project coordinates an ongoing partnership between local farmer Bob Young, or Deer Valley Farm, and Rutherford County food relief organizations. Produce is grown at Deer Valley Farm and donated to food relief organizations: over $11,000 worth of produced was donated during the 2021 season. Project team members contribute to the funding of this project, maintain relationships with food relief partners, recruit volunteers, and support produce distribution.

A Thriving Ag Economy

We anticipate the Thriving Ag Economy strategy area taking on projects related to grower support, the viability of farming, community gardening, and community and grower partnerships.

Equity for All

We anticipate the Equity for All strategy area taking on projects related to racial equity, strengthening food security, and community relationship building, as well as providing guidance to the other two strategy areas on incorporating a strong equity lens in all projects.

Current Project Example: The Mini Kitchen Kits Project

The Mini Kitchen Kits Project partners with local food pantries and churches to provide pantry staples and cooking and storage supplies to families living in temporary or transient housing situations. These supplies help families with little or no means of preparing or storing food prepare food more safety and expand their cooking options. The program also includes cooking demonstrations and educational support on food safety and preparation. Piloted by Tracy Davis, Rutherford county Family and Consumer Sciences extension educator.

Community Food Projects: Involvement Opportunities

In addition to involvement with the Food Council, we encourage interested community members to become engaged with other local community food projects and organizations, including but not limited to those listed below.

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