About Us

We are a coalition of community members working together to build a local food system that fosters a thriving agricultural economy and ensures equitable access to healthy and affordable foods for all residents in Rutherford County, North Carolina. 


Our mission is to build a just and resilient local food system by:

  1. Educating the community about food systems and food inequities
  2. Building collaborative relationships and engaging in community-led solutions
  3. Identifying inequities and other barriers to food security
  4. Preserving an agrarian community and increasing the viability of food production


A thriving agricultural economy, nourished residents, and food security for all.


These values represent a living document that may evolve as we develop and learn how best to embody our mission. We strive toward these values so that this work may be inspirational for all who participate and impactful for the community at large.

Collaboration:  We must build opportunities for engagement with food and agriculture work by operating honestly and openly, with a commitment to inclusive practice, respect, grace, and dignity for all.

Accountability: We must build community trust and effectiveness by demonstrating that we are learning from mistakes, listening to those most affected by inequities in the food system, improving our methods, and focusing on real change.

Courageous Equity: We must strengthen food and farming systems by identifying and creatively disrupting historic barriers and unjust systems that damage the wellbeing of our county and people. 

The Steering Committee

What is a food system?

What is a local food system?

What is a food council?

Want to know more about food systems, food councils, and the work we do here in Rutherford County? Our Council members are available to give informational presentations at your school, office, or event! Contact us to schedule a presentation.

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